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Our Story

Throughout our decades of experience as consultants managing large-scale data collection implementations, we have had clients pay us $millions to perform manual QA using legacy data quality vendors. Trust us, we understand the pain of this undertaking.


We realized two inevitabilities about every engagement: data quality entropy over time and reporting issues being discovered days, weeks, or months after a change is made to the way data is collected. We previously built enterprise software used by multiple Fortune 500 brands and at Data Sentinel, we are doing it again.

We know you cannot extract maximum value from your investments in personalization platforms, CDPs, or large-scale omnichannel measurement tools if you are continually reacting to problems with digital data. Data Sentinel's always-on technology reduces the requirement for manual analysis, allowing organizations to achieve more reliable data quality.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Data Sentinel is to build a foundation of trust in the worldwide marketing data ecosystem:

  • To quickly and seamlessly establish and maintain quality, actionable digital data that users have consented to be collected

  • To eliminate the need for extensive configuration requirements, massive overhead costs, and ongoing maintenance burdens


Schedule a demo to learn how Sentinel technology can do this for your organization.

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